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That’s what I call Service

Just wanted to give a HUGE thanks to PANGAEA’s Ken for coming to the rescue at my office following a power surge last week. It was getting late in the evening on Friday when we noticed that we could not connect to the internet and our office software is in the cloud, therefore if we can’t get into the cloud software then it would be very difficult to treat patients on Saturday morning. After one call to PANGAEA, Ken came straight over and had us back up in no time. Come to find out we never lost internet service it was just that the surge reset our router. Even though this was not the responsibility of PANGAEA, Ken had us back to full flow in just minutes. That’s what I call service. Had this been AT&T, I would have had to take a number and wait a few days that we didn’t have.

Dr. Scott Rash, Breakthrough Chiropractic, Spindale, NC