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Pangaea Impact Report 2018Broadband Innovation - Pangaea internet

PANGAEA [pan-jee-uh] is a non-profit internet service provider. Our "Speed of Light" fiber network has expanded to three hundred forty-three (343) miles, serving the major arteries of Polk and Rutherford Counties in western North Carolina. PANGAEA Internet provides the following services:
  • Traditional internet bandwidth (unlimited speeds)
    • Education
    • Health Care
    • Government
    • Commercial
    • Wholesale to Residential Internet Service Providers
  • Wide area fiber optic networks (e.g., school, medical, legal networks)
  • Fiber leasing

Community Owned Non-Profit focused

on the community, not shareholders. 

  • Very Low Cost Structure
    • Non-profit cost structure
    • Capital costs funded through grants and partner funding
    • Disciplined focus on bandwidth and transport
  • Customized Pricing
    • Less than 50% versus competition
    • Installation discounts
    • Grants available
  • Extremely Reliable Network
    • Two downstream bandwidth providers
    • Diverse fiber routes to Charlotte and Atlanta
    • Back up equipment and power sources
    • Local support on call 24x7
  • PANGAEA Internet plays a key role in attracting companies to our area by offering reliable internet service at virtually unlimited speeds and a very affordable cost.
  • Although PANGAEA does not offer residential service, we strongly encourage residential service providers to utilize our network to bring broadband to the region's unserved residents.
  • When we asked our customers, 98% of them agreed that PANGAEA Internet has a positive impact on our community.



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