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Kathy Toomey, New View Realty, Tryon, NCThe upload and download speed is of utmost importance to us and adds to our efficiency

[wptabs style=”wpui-blue” mode=”horizontal”] [wptabtitle] What is PANGAEA?[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent] PANGAEA [pan-jee-uh] is a non-profit internet service provider. Our “Speed of Light” fiber network has expanded to nearly two hundred miles, serving the major arteries of Polk and Rutherford Counties in western North Carolina. PANGAEA Internet provides the following services:

  • Traditional internet bandwidth (unlimited speeds)
    • Education
    • Health Care
    • Government
    • Commercial
    • Wholesale to Residential Internet Service Providers
  • Wide area fiber optic networks (e.g., school, medical, legal networks)
  • Fiber leasing

[/wptabcontent][wptabtitle]Why PANGAEA?[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Community Owned Non-Profit focused

on the community, not shareholders.

  • Very Low Cost Structure
    • Non-profit cost structure
    • Capital costs funded through grants and partner funding
    • Disciplined focus on bandwidth and transport
  • Customized Pricing
    • Less than 50% versus competition
    • Installation discounts
    • Grants available
  • Extremely Reliable Network
    • Two downstream bandwidth providers
    • Diverse fiber routes to Charlotte
    • Back up equipment and power sources
    • Local support on call 24×7


[/wptabcontent][wptabtitle]PANGAEA’s Impact[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

  • PANGAEA Internet plays a key role in attracting companies to our area by offering reliable internet service at virtually unlimited speeds and a very affordable cost.
  • Though we don’t offer residential service, we believe we make life better for local residents every day.
  • When we asked our customers, 98% of them agreed that PANGAEA Internet has a positive impact on our community.

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