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Joseph Mazur, La Strada at Lake Lure, NC

No service interruptions. Since the installing of PANGAEA Internet we have had no service interruptions like we had been experiencing with our previous provider. Customer service has been exceptional as well. We highly recommend!

Theresa Swink, Executive Director, Forest City Housing Authority

We just recently started using PANGAEA. We really like it. It is fast and everything is going great. We are glad we found out about PANGAEA.

Tim Barth, Town Manager, Town of Columbus, NC

The Town of Columbus has been using PANGAEA for almost a year now and we have found their service to be extremely reliable and consistent. The fiber optic network means we could have everyone at the town’s office on the internet and still not have a problem with speed and overall performance. Their customer service has been excellent and we look forward to having service with PANGAEA for a long time.

Marissa Adkins, Cleghorn Plantation, Rutherfordton, NC

Cleghorn Plantation recently reopened and chose PANGAEA as our Internet provider. We could not have chosen a better provider – not only for their high speed capabilities, but for their outstanding customer service. We are able to book tee times and check out guests at the speed of light, which makes all the difference in the golf world. We have never once had a problem with PANGAEA, and highly recommend it to other companies! Every company should choose PANGAEA – for efficiency and reliability that makes all the difference! PANGAEA definitely gets an A+ rating from us!

John Hugill, Medical Records Retrieval, Mill Spring, NC

I LOVE the high speed. My office is in NC and I work in Florida. I download every day, huge files over the internet. I do it all wirelessly. Without your high speed, I would have had to move these files from NC to FL on CDs. Thanks, PANGAEA!

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Dana Conner, Conner Computer Consultants, Inc., Rutherfordton, NC

PANGAEA is the only service in the community that can provide reliable connection for VoIP

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Richard Hendricks, Tanner Companies, LLC, Rutherfordton, NC

PANGAEA has provided a very high standard for uptime and quality of service

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Tom Roberson, City Computer, Forest City, NC

Rock solid, unmatched speeds and uptime

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Kyle Sisk, Divine Communications, Forest City, NC

Since 2008, I have been continually impressed with the stability of the network and the quality of support

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William (Billy) King, High-Tech House Call, LLC, Tryon, NC

A reliable network is key to my business

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Brian Ross, Foothills Gun Gallery Corp., Columbus, NC

Thank you for providing the best internet service

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Judd Daniel, Daniel Dry Goods, Tryon, NC

It is very unique to have such a fast, professional service in this area

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Kathy Toomey, New View Realty, Tryon, NC

The upload and download speed is of utmost importance to us and adds to our efficiency

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Lonnie Raber, Gospel Express, Columbus, NC

For any business network, switching to PANGAEA should be a no-brainer

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Patrick McLendon, Mill Spring Ag Center, Mill Spring, NC

Being able to offer fiber optic internet to potential tenants has swayed the decision for several interested businesses

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Daniel Brenman, Airspace USA, LLC , Mill Spring, NC

Great company to work with

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Dorothy Roche, Herrmann International, Lake Lure, NC

PANGAEA’s responsiveness and willingness to help at any time is “stu”pendous!

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Karyl Fuller, Isothermal Planning, Rutherfordton, NC

Exceptional customer service, extremely competitive price

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Samuel Staton, Staton & Cooper, PC, Rutherfordton, NC

Very reliable service, no down time

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Tracie Washington, Coldwell Banker-Matheny Real Estate, Rutherfordton, NC

PANGAEA gives us faster speed, lower monthly costs & reliability

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