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Happy PANGAEA customer for over 13 years

My name is Tracy Kelley. I’m the IT Director at CooperRiis, a non-profit mental health recovery program. Our main Campus, The Farm, is in Polk County, NC. We have been happy PANGAEA customers for over 13 years. I believe we were one of their first customers.
I wanted to put into words how pleased we have always been to be part of the PANGAEA family. I have only been with the company for about 2 years. In that time, we have called for service twice, both storm related. Both times the service was impeccable. The techs replied within minutes, were polite, informed, and experienced. They knew our system and how it was set up and led us straight to the problem both times.
More recently, we found ourselves in need of more bandwidth than ever. The pandemic forcing us into the new frontier of telemedicine almost instantly. I called and was put in touch with Ron Walters their Executive Director right away. Working with Ron was as easy and productive as working with their wonderful technicians. He made the process easy and kept it inexpensive as well. I could not have been more delighted.
Suffice it to say that I would recommend PANGAEA to any who asked and am quite sure they would be as satisfied as we at CooperRiis have always been.
Tracy Kelley, CooperRiis, Mill Spring, NC