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Lightening speeds in the woods

Since we have hooked up with PANGAEA fiber internet we are finally able to order parts and get back to our customers, with lightening speeds in the woods. Before it was like pulling teeth, looking parts up in online catalogs; since they took forever to load on our ancient DSL line .When we moved to the area from FL, three years ago, we knew we would be making a few changes to our business. However, we never dreamt that we would have to suffer with such slow speeds from a well-known company and their horrible customer service. PANGAEA has been a breath of fresh air to work with. From their first initial meeting with us out on our business location to explain what they could provide for our company, the pleasant and easy to work with office staff that seems to be always smiling and friendly. Right down to the professional installation of the fiber line and conduit by some of the most knowledgeable and down to earth guys you’ll ever meet. I can definitely tell you that PANGAEA will blow you away, not only with their speeds but stellar pricing!
We plan on doing a testimonial video as well. Stay tuned !!
Ross Deprey, The Camper Pros, Bostic, NC