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PANGAEA Internet is Key Factor in Bringing New Company to Rutherford County

PANGAEA Internet is Key Factor in Bringing New Company to Rutherford County

TRYON, NC / October 13, 2011 – The “speed of light” fiber optic internet service offered by PANGAEA Internet has been cited as a key factor in the selection of Rutherford County by Ameridial, Inc. for the location of their new call center.

Ameridial, Inc. plans to staff their new call center with 50 new employees initially, who will handle inbound customer service calls for a major health insurance company. The new call center will be located at 500 West Street in Spindale. It will initially operate 12 hours per day, seven days per week. Over time, Ameridial plans to make it a 24/7/365 operation, eventually generating up to 300 new jobs for Rutherford County.

To provide the highest possible internet service reliability, PANGAEA Internet will design a custom fiber optic network for Ameridial, which will include two diverse fiber paths connecting the facility to the internet backbone. This interconnection will ensure that if one route fails, the other will activate within 30 seconds, providing continuous service for the Ameridial facility.

The economic boost Ameridial will provide is further indication of the energizing effect that high-speed fiber optic internet service offered by PANGAEA Internet is having on the local economy. “PANGAEA Internet was a key factor for us when we were considering Rutherford County for our new call center,” commented Mark Schmidt, President of Ameridial. “In fact, without high speed fiber, we would not be able to connect to our network and our customers with the bandwidth speeds they require. Having PANGAEA support and connectivity was a must for us.”

“This is another example of how important PANGAEA Internet is to economic development,” according to PANGAEA Internet Executive Director Ron Walters. “Ameridial requires highly reliable high-speed internet service to power their operation. Our fiber optic network provides that capability. In addition, our ability to customize a network which meets their needs will enable them to serve their clients effectively and efficiently, and in turn, create new job opportunities for local residents.”

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PANGAEA’S mission is to build an open and cost effective fiber optic network and deliver affordable high-speed Internet connectivity to enhance economic development and improve the quality of life in Polk and Rutherford Counties