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PANGAEA Internet Launches Wi-Fi Trial in Downtown Tryon



PANGAEA Internet Launches Wi-Fi Trial in Downtown Tryon


TRYON, NC / March 28, 2014 – PANGAEA Internet (PANGAEA), the leading commercial provider of high-speed fiber optic internet service for Polk and Rutherford Counties, has launched a trial Wi-Fi service in downtown Tryon. The trial period will extend through the end of 2014 and is intended to evaluate Wi-Fi technology, determine coverage areas, and gauge consumer demand.


Dual band wireless access points in storefronts and on rooftops provide the Wi-Fi service, which is aimed at visitors to downtown Tryon, area residents, and small downtown-based businesses with basic internet needs. Mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, as well as personal computers with Wi-Fi capability can access the service.

Wi-Fi coverage is offered between Tryon Town Hall/Rogers Park and the PANGAEA office near Side Street Pizza. The Wi-Fi connections are:


The FREE offering is a low bandwidth, no-cost service, providing the ability to check emails and browse the Internet.


A “Splash Page” appears when users first access the FREE Wi-Fi network.  Using PayPal or a Credit Card, FREE users may purchase higher speed connectivity.


The PAID offering is a higher speed service, for longer term usage, requiring a Security Key provided by PANGAEA Internet for a monthly fee.

“By using Open-Mesh access points and our fiber optic network we have covered the downtown Trade Street area of Tryon,” according to PANGAEA Internet Operations Director Stu Davidson. “The PANGAEA Wi-Fi solution works well, is reliable, and is cost efficient to deploy.” Additional trial markets are under consideration. PANGAEA Internet welcomes community feedback about this trial program, which can be provided online at

PANGAEA Internet (pan-GEE-ah) is a non-profit provider of high-speed fiber optic internet service. Our network currently serves customers at over 140 locations across Polk and Rutherford Counties, including public school districts, city and county governments, health care facilities, and local businesses. Visit us online at, or contact Executive Director Ron Walters at 828-859-3072.
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