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Fast, Clear, Dependable and Reliable Service

Doing business with faster internet is so much easier. We are able to handle business info and pictures at any time. Fast, clear, dependable and reliable service is what PANGAEA has provided. We are reaching more customers faster and more efficiently and has helped our business grow. Thanks for your service.
Alan Hill, JACA Farms, Bostic, NC

Highly recommended!

PANGAEA has been extremely responsive to all fiber cuts, always resolving within 24 hours or less no matter how severe. The staff at PANGAEA is very friendly and prompt in responding to issues or questions as well as following up for postmortems. Highly recommended!

Mike Thompson, Rutherford County Schools

Happy PANGAEA customer for over 13 years

My name is Tracy Kelley. I’m the IT Director at CooperRiis, a non-profit mental health recovery program. Our main Campus, The Farm, is in Polk County, NC. We have been happy PANGAEA customers for over 13 years. I believe we were one of their first customers.
I wanted to put into words how pleased we have always been to be part of the PANGAEA family. I have only been with the company for about 2 years. In that time, we have called for service twice, both storm related. Both times the service was impeccable. The techs replied within minutes, were polite, informed, and experienced. They knew our system and how it was set up and led us straight to the problem both times.
More recently, we found ourselves in need of more bandwidth than ever. The pandemic forcing us into the new frontier of telemedicine almost instantly. I called and was put in touch with Ron Walters their Executive Director right away. Working with Ron was as easy and productive as working with their wonderful technicians. He made the process easy and kept it inexpensive as well. I could not have been more delighted.
Suffice it to say that I would recommend PANGAEA to any who asked and am quite sure they would be as satisfied as we at CooperRiis have always been.
Tracy Kelley, CooperRiis, Mill Spring, NC

It has been an absolute pleasure

It has been an absolute pleasure to be able to use the network PANGAEA Internet provides! My customers have no problem accessing the internet while waiting for their services to be completed. This is wonderful because many times different cell providers don’t have good service in this section of Rutherford County. Thanks again!
Amy Eitel, Amy’s Hair Design, Forest City, NC

Lightening speeds in the woods

Since we have hooked up with PANGAEA fiber internet we are finally able to order parts and get back to our customers, with lightening speeds in the woods. Before it was like pulling teeth, looking parts up in online catalogs; since they took forever to load on our ancient DSL line .When we moved to the area from FL, three years ago, we knew we would be making a few changes to our business. However, we never dreamt that we would have to suffer with such slow speeds from a well-known company and their horrible customer service. PANGAEA has been a breath of fresh air to work with. From their first initial meeting with us out on our business location to explain what they could provide for our company, the pleasant and easy to work with office staff that seems to be always smiling and friendly. Right down to the professional installation of the fiber line and conduit by some of the most knowledgeable and down to earth guys you’ll ever meet. I can definitely tell you that PANGAEA will blow you away, not only with their speeds but stellar pricing!
We plan on doing a testimonial video as well. Stay tuned !!
Ross Deprey, The Camper Pros, Bostic, NC

PANGAEA cares about their customers

No other company had the ability to give us service. One phone call and a day later, PANGAEA had us up and running. Truly a great company that actually cares about their customers.
Paul Volcy, Trade Management, LLC, Rutherfordton, NC

Our church is able to stream worship services and bible studies

We are so grateful for PANGAEA, especially during these days of social distancing! Our church is able to stream worship services and bible studies for our members and others who want to participate because our “quick connection” is secure. Our online presence wouldn’t be possible without PANGAEA. In this time when our lives are interrupted, our Internet services have kept us connected. Thank you PANGAEA!
Kelly Settlemyre, Spencer Baptist Church, Spindale, NC

No service interruptions

Since the installing of PANGAEA Internet we have had no service interruptions like we had been experiencing with our previous provider. Customer service has been exceptional as well. We highly recommend!
Joseph Mazur, La Strada at Lake Lure, NC

Internet choices were limited and unreliable

We are glad to have PANGAEA service in our area. Internet choices were limited and unreliable. PANGAEA has been installed in our office for a few weeks and we are enjoying fast, reliable internet. They were friendly and prompt getting our service going.
Paula Rogalski, Hands Of Hope For Life, Inc., Forest City, NC

PANGAEA has been a wonderful surprise!

When starting my new business here in Lake Lure, NC, I was concerned about both the price and quality of the internet service I would receive. I live nearby, and have not had good luck with my available providers. PANGAEA has been a wonderful surprise – quality, professional and a very reasonable rate. Could not be more impressed with everyone I have dealt with at this company. If these folks are available providers for you or your business, do not hesitate to sign up. Highly Recommend!
Paul Brock, Lured Market and Grill, Lake Lure, NC

Great product, excellent customer service

I cannot even begin to express the level of customer service I received from PANGAEA. Carolyn and Dana were excellent, walked me through the whole process, left no question unanswered. The internet service has been fantastic, I love that there are no hidden fees, the monthly price is what you pay. Great product, excellent customer service–you cannot ask for a better combination in business. PJ Gonzalez, AdjusterPro, Tryon, NC

I can’t say enough good about the rock solid connection

We’ve enjoyed PANGAEA Internet service at our business office (Allrail, Inc.) for many years and at our church for a few (Midway Baptist). I can’t say enough good about the rock solid connection we have at both locations. We experience very consistent speeds, it’s always on, and they provide the highest quality technical service I’ve seen anywhere. On several occasions they’ve went above and beyond to advise us on internal networking setups that were not even part of the service PANGAEA provides. I’m very thankful for this valuable internet service option.

David Swain, Allrail, Inc. & Midway Baptist Church, Rutherfordton, NC

I could not ask for better than PANGAEA

My small web based company recently started using the internet services from PANGAEA. I cannot express in words how awesome the customer service and service has been. My service has never been out and my speed has been efficient and consistent. I could not ask for better than PANGAEA.

Tonya Portis, Puppawrazzis, Rutherforton, NC


We Love PANGAEA! At Express Motors our internet was slow and would stop completely at least once a week. We love the experience we have had with PANGAEA. Fast and reliable internet for over a year. Thank You.

Tahnia Early, Express Motors, Forest City, NC

A local business that understands customer service

Whenever there has been an issue in the past, which is very seldom, by the time I contact them about the issue, they are already working on it to fix it. Nothing can compare to working with a local business that understands customer service.

Kevin Powell, Tryon Daily Bulletin, Tryon, NC

Team is friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated

You just won’t find a better Internet Service Provider, period. We were so pleased to run across PANGAEA when establishing our business, Allrail, Inc. in Polk County over 10 years ago. The other ISP offerings were insufficient and impersonal, not the case with PANGAEA. Their entire team is friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing the very best in service to us, the customer. We’ve received extensive assistance and network troubleshooting advice on many occasions, even though the issues we experienced had nothing to do with the service provided by PANGAEA. Our service with them is simply, always ON. We highly recommend PANGAEA Internet for your business connectivity needs.

David Swain, Allrail, Inc., Rutherfordton, NC

Fast, reliable, and reasonably priced

PANGAEA is fast, reliable, and reasonably priced. We have been very happy with the internet service and customer service.

Cathy Rogerson, Yetees Design & Screenprint, Mill Spring, NC

Great service with fast speeds

Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Scott Rash of Breakthrough Chiropractic Clinic, PA. Since switching to PANGAEA I get great service with fast speeds to meet the needs of our office. Have been with PANGAEA for the past few years and plan on staying with them in the future.

Dr. Robert Rash, Breakthrough Chiropractic, Spindale, NC

We are glad we found PANGAEA

We just recently started using PANGAEA. We really like it. It is fast and everything is going great. We are glad we found out about PANGAEA.

Theresa Swink, Executive Director, Forest City Housing Authority

Monthly Savings With Much Better Results

I love PANGAEA! Now my guests can work from my rental house in Lake Lure and stay connected. I now stream TV and movies, a big monthly savings with much better results. I have also changed from a land line phone to an internet phone for about $30 a year!! It all works great! I couldn’t be happier.

Patricia Gergen, Lake Lure, NC