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Happy PANGAEA customer for over 13 years

My name is Tracy Kelley. I’m the IT Director at CooperRiis, a non-profit mental health recovery program. Our main Campus, The Farm, is in Polk County, NC. We have been happy PANGAEA customers for over 13 years. I believe we were one of their first customers.
I wanted to put into words how pleased we have always been to be part of the PANGAEA family. I have only been with the company for about 2 years. In that time, we have called for service twice, both storm related. Both times the service was impeccable. The techs replied within minutes, were polite, informed, and experienced. They knew our system and how it was set up and led us straight to the problem both times.
More recently, we found ourselves in need of more bandwidth than ever. The pandemic forcing us into the new frontier of telemedicine almost instantly. I called and was put in touch with Ron Walters their Executive Director right away. Working with Ron was as easy and productive as working with their wonderful technicians. He made the process easy and kept it inexpensive as well. I could not have been more delighted.
Suffice it to say that I would recommend PANGAEA to any who asked and am quite sure they would be as satisfied as we at CooperRiis have always been.
Tracy Kelley, CooperRiis, Mill Spring, NC

Great service with fast speeds

Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Scott Rash of Breakthrough Chiropractic Clinic, PA. Since switching to PANGAEA I get great service with fast speeds to meet the needs of our office. Have been with PANGAEA for the past few years and plan on staying with them in the future.

Dr. Robert Rash, Breakthrough Chiropractic, Spindale, NC

Fastest speed around and very reliable

Great service guys. We rely on you for our business and you have served us well. Fastest speed around and very reliable. Thanks.

Dr. Jeffrey Viar, Foothills Medical Associates, Columbus, NC

You can always speak with a real person

I have used PANGAEA for my business internet provider for the last 8 years. It is a very good value for the money and it would cost me much more to have other Internet. I love the personal service they provide. You can always speak with a real person when you have an issue, whether it is a billing or technical question. I would recommend PANGAEA Internet to everyone!

Dr. Holly Hughes, Serenity Chiropractic Center, PLLC, Rutherfordton, NC 

That’s what I call Service

Just wanted to give a HUGE thanks to PANGAEA’s Ken for coming to the rescue at my office following a power surge last week. It was getting late in the evening on Friday when we noticed that we could not connect to the internet and our office software is in the cloud, therefore if we can’t get into the cloud software then it would be very difficult to treat patients on Saturday morning. After one call to PANGAEA, Ken came straight over and had us back up in no time. Come to find out we never lost internet service it was just that the surge reset our router. Even though this was not the responsibility of PANGAEA, Ken had us back to full flow in just minutes. That’s what I call service. Had this been AT&T, I would have had to take a number and wait a few days that we didn’t have.

Dr. Scott Rash, Breakthrough Chiropractic, Spindale, NC

PANGAEA has helped our business tremendously

PANGAEA has helped our business tremendously. We are now able to electronically “flip” from chart to chart with ease and speed, where as we experiences long wait times with other internet service providers. We have been pleased with our service and look forward to an even faster PANGAEA very soon!
Danielle Gibbs, Gallant Enterprises, Columbus, NC

Great customer service; great internet speed

I have been using PANGAEA for 3 years now; Great Customer Service, Great internet Speed. Just wish I could get the quality at my house.
Cynthia Milligan, To The Point Healthcare, Columbus, NC

My metropolitan colleagues are quite surprised with what we have in our rural area

PANGAEA’s service has been great for us. It has been very reliable and expandable as needed. You have provided excellent support when needed. Many of my colleagues from more metropolitan areas are quite surprised when I tell them what we have available in our little rural town.
Scott Warren, CooperRiis, Inc., Mill Spring, NC

PANGAEA has been a Godsend

PANGAEA has been a Godsend for CooperRiis. Not sure we would have built our facility here had it not been for PANGAEA.
Lisbeth Cooper, CooperRiis Healing Center, Mill Spring, NC

A connection speed that supports electronic practice management

Shortly after the Rutherford Community Health Center opened its doors at our new location in Spindale in May of 2011, we began the daunting task of transitioning to electronic practice management and electronic medical records. Our initial service provider was unable to offer the connection speed necessary to support this function. We have been very happy with our connectivity through PANGAEA. Thank you!
Michelle Pimentel, Rutherford Community Health Center, Spindale, NC

We have never experienced an outage

We have used PANGAEA for more than a year now. Our previous internet provider was continually having outages and connection problems. As a healthcare provider, we rely on connectivity 24/7. With PANGAEA we have never experienced an outage.
John Cilone, FairHaven Nursing Home, Bostic, NC

There are a lot of happy, happy PANGAEA people at White Oak

Our Nursing Facility had no internet connection because of our location. We tried for several months to a year and no one would help us with internet connection. Then we heard about PANGAEA. They not only provided us with an excellent service but they were excellent to work with in all ways. Our staff, residents, family members and community resources thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your willingness to help us without just shutting the door in our face. There are a lot of happy, happy PANGAEA people at White Oak.
Kally Dotson, White Oak of Rutherfordton, NC

Increased productivity, great service

We were using another internet service at the facility where we now have PANGAEA and our productivity has increased and our staff loves the speeds and reliability. As a person who answers IT Helpdesk calls, I can tell you the service is great.
Carole Finger, Heritage Healthcare, Inc., Rutherfordton, NC

PANGAEA’s high speed allows our therapists more time with the patients

PANGAEA changed the way our therapists worked. High speed internet allows them more time with the patients and less time in front of a computer, which is a win for everyone.
Josh Scott, Heritage Healthcare, Inc., Rutherfordton, NC

Attentive to immediate needs

They have been attentive whenever I have called and needed immediate attention.
Gina Durand, Foothills Medical Associates, Columbus, NC

“I was never happy with cable or DSL…No problems with PANGAEA fiber”

Fiber has been the best thing I have added to my practice. All our patient records are accessed via the internet so speed is a must. I was never happy with cable or DSL. They always seemed to be too slow and would go down several times a day. No problems with PANGAEA fiber. It works great day after day and the cost is about the same.
Dr. Jeffery Viar, Foothills Medical Associates, Columbus, NC

No dropped service, so much faster!

Tuesday rolled around…time to see patients AND IT WAS WONDERFUL! No consistently dropped internet service, like Windstream! Internet service was so much faster! Wish we would have done this a long time ago! Your customer service was excellent. Looks like you guys are in the same business as us, “making people smile”… because we surely are smiling now with our great service! Melody Levi, Dr. Steve Edney Orthodontics, Columbus, NC

A simple phone call fixes an issue, even when it has nothing to do with PANGAEA’s equipment

The service is very reliable, and if I ever do have a connection problem a phone call quickly tells me whether it’s a network issue or something on my end. Even if it is an issue that has nothing to do with PANGAEA’s equipment, the staff is friendly and helps me to get back online.
Steve Burney, Medicap Pharmacy, Columbus, NC

Without your high speed, I would have had to move files on CDs

I LOVE the high speed. My office is in NC and I work in Florida. I download every day, huge files over the internet. I do it all wirelessly. Without your high speed, I would have had to move these files from NC to FL on CDs. Thanks, PANGAEA!
John Hugill, Medical Records Retrieval, Mill Spring, NC

I love PANGAEA! Fast, reliable internet

I love PANGAEA! The internet is fast! It is perfect for a busy office. When I am looking up information for a client or trying to make an order, it is great to have fast, reliable internet service. I hardly ever have a problem with losing service but, when I have PANGAEA has it fixed in no time. I never have to make an appointment, just to have a technician not show up. I wish PANGAEA was available at my home.
Betty Anne Foster, Tryon Therapeutic Massage, Tryon, NC